So You Want to Get Involved

One of the best things about Glendon is that even with our small campus, there’s plenty to do. Since I know that a bunch of prospective students have gotten their acceptances (YAY AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!), I thought I’d write a bit about the different clubs and organizations that I’m involved with (I’ve left out eAmbassador-ing)! Of course, there are tons more clubs than the ones that I’m a part of, and even more at Keele. This is just a teeny sample! Let’s begin…

Glendon Hispanic Club

The Glendon Hispanic Club is dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture at Glendon. We do crafts, eat traditional snacks, read legends and stories, listen to music, and more! This year we’ve also had salsa and bachata lessons. We also have pub nights! For the Day of the Dead this year, we had a cookie decorating meeting. There are some photos below. I joined around Christmas of 2014 as a general member, and this year I became the head of social media. We meet every other week, and it’s always a good time. You don’t have to be a Spanish major, or have a Hispanic background to join, just an interest in the language and culture.

Twitter: @GLHispanicClub

Facebook: Glendon Hispanic Club Hispanique de Glendon

Glendon Order of the Phoenix

Fresh off of the 2016 Yule Ball, I’m a big fan of the GLOotP. If you’re as much of a Harry Potter nerd as I am, this is a must-join club. Not only is it a celebration of the incredible books and films, it’s a way to meet other Potterheads while supporting the Harry Potter Alliance. They host film screenings, craft days (to make t-shirts and wands, among other things), the Yule Ball, and a TriWizard tournament. I’m not as avid a participant in GLOotP this year as I was last year (mostly due to scheduling problems), but whatever events I do attend, they’re always a blast. The photos below are all from last year’s Yule Ball, but once this year’s are out, I’ll be sure to tweet some!


Facebook: The Order of the Phoenix/L’Ordre du Phénix – Glendon

Glendon Women and Trans Centre

The GWTC is a space on campus that has a few different things in it. There’s a food bank, an emergency shelter, and a lounge/sitting area with a kitchen. I volunteer there every week and it’s a chilled out, safe space. They put on a lot of events over the course of the year, so make sure you check out their social media in order to stay up to date with what they’re doing. They cover sexual health, gender, and so much more. There’s some exciting stuff coming soon…

Twitter: @glendonwtc

Facebook: Le Centre des femmes et des trans de Glendon

International Studies Students Association

I’ve only attended a couple of events with ISSA, but I still feel like they’re worth mentioning. Last year, I attended the annual John Holmes lecture and had the pleasure of listening to Peter Mansbridge speak. Afterwards, I was able to meet him (and make a complete fool out of myself, as my mother will remember). They put on so many cool things and it’s a great way to meet other students who are working towards an ILST degree.


Facebook: Glendon International Studies Student Association – ISSA

Well that’s everything that I’m involved with. If you want to learn about more clubs and organizations, check out YUConnect, or look over this handy dandy list that Juan put together!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or more – feel free to leave a comment, or tweet me: @SarahMillsGL

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